Raylina and Jirelle

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Our Story

Our Love story began in San Francisco, It was winter November 2014 and Jirelle had recently moved back to California from Alaska where he lived and worked for the past year. Nina was an amazing, selfless and loving single mother of twin boys and worked as a full time Office Manager at a real estate company in the Bay Area.

Nina and Jirelle met through Jirelle’s Father, who at the time was Nina’s Co-Worker; Little did they know that Jirelle’s dad was playing match maker.

Their First date was in February of 2015 at El Toreador in the West Portal district. The two together was like a breath of fresh air, they had spent so much time laughing and engaging in fruitful conversation and realizing all the things they had in common that night, that they had barely touched their food.

In March of 2015, Jirelle accompanied Nina to her 30th birthday party and needless to say Nina was surprised! That night, Jirelle met and mingled with Nina’s close friends and family like he had known them for years (They all knew he would be the new boyfriend) and she got her first glimpses into the incredible and nurturing man that he is. (Did I mention that he got grilled for hours that night by those Bridesmaids that I love so much lol)

Nina fell in love with Jirelle not because of how he loved her, but it was HOW HE LOVED HER CHILDREN. He came into their lives with such love and dedication and effortlessly took on the father role with Ceyaan & Cwari and from there, the household name Poppa was born. As they continued to build their relationship, a few years later they welcomed A’zari and Aaliyah, their two beautiful daughters into the family.

A year and a half ago on a cold October night after celebrating Jirelle’s birthday with a special dinner at Ruth Chris, Jirelle popped the question. They were on the beautifully lit Pier 7, in San Francisco and Nina said YES! It was the perfect night. Fireworks, live band, photographer and old fashion light post that lit up the boardwalk, giving it a romantic intimate vibe - it definitely was a night to remember.

The two have created tons of wonderful memories and spent five incredible years together. Excited about what the future holds, they are looking forward to sharing their special day with all of you.
Susan Moyal